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              FOR IT'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY


ONE FILIPINO COOPERATIVE OF BC will celebrate it's 10th year of service to our kababayan with a Dinner and Dance Party on November 2, 2019 at Kensington Community Center. A souvenir program will be published. This year's gathering is to give commendation to the people who started the organization and provided their continued volunteer service for 10 years.  One FilCo-op was launched on October 29, 2009.  A series of consultative meetings  were initially attended by 30 to 40 community leaders from the various cities of Metro Vancouver and discussed the effects of the financial crisis which happened way back in 2008.


These small group of individuals willingly shared their time, skills and experiences to find an alternative support to our kababayan.  One FilCo-op has functioned as a credit cooperative and now it has expanded its services to members including savings promotion, micro-lending, money remittance, 50% discounts on cable and internet,  professional and business  referrals, vehicle service, social development and the  active participation in community events of Filipinos in Metro Vancouver.  


In 2016, FilCo-op had also launched an Affordable Housing Initiative to help combat the housing crisis thru the formation of the FilCo-operative Housing Society. It is a non profit organization envisioned to be a leading Canadian Filipino provider of affordable, sustainable, innovative and inclusive housing solutions. Its dream is to own, manage and operate a coop housing for Filipinos in BC. Right now, the One Housing Society is raising funds and building capital to purchase a property to build. It is also on the process of exploring partnership with other government and non government organizations involved in the affordable housing programs.


One FilCo-op of BC has an initial membership of 37 in 2009.  This August 2019, it has a total of 435 membership.  One FilCo-op's achievements are the results of the combined efforts of its leaders, management and individual members.  It is time to celebrate success!


We welcome our members, partners and friends  to celebrate with us in this joyful journey... 10 YEARS OF SUCCESS AND COUNTING  !!!

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