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Pahiraman ng Bayan
Vancity signs partnership agreement with  One Filipino Cooperative of British Columbia

August 15, 2011 VANCITY grants "Seed Money" to One    FilCo-op's Microlending Program.

Signing of this partnership was attended by Andy Broderick, Vice President of VanCity Community Investment; Catherine Ludgate, Manager, Community Investment; Heather Gordon and Bravefh Chauhan, Program Managers, Micro Finance from VanCity Credit Union.

Pahiraman ng Bayan Micro Lending Program

Micro Lending Program is a flagship service of OneFilCo-op to its members.   A low interest rates is offered.  New immigrants, live-in caregivers and temporary workers needing financial assistance can also avail of this service.  No credit history is required as compared to other lending institutions and payday loan services.   An Emergency Loan is also offered in times of an immediate financial need  of a member.

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