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One Housing Society



In 2016, One FilCo-op has also launched an Affordable Housing Initiative to help combat the housing crisis thru the formation of the FilCo-operative Housing Society or the One Housing Society. It is a non profit organization envisioned to be a leading Canadian Filipino provider of affordable, sustainable, innovative and inclusive housing solutions.

One Housing Society’s objectives are:

1. To provide affordable housing market opportunities for its members as well as for eligible low income residents of BC.

2. To develop, own, operate and enter into agreement as non-profit housing operator of a BC Housing facility or a municipal housing as well as other coop housing providers.

One Housing Society is supported by the governance, administrative and business skills and experience that propelled One FilCoop to grow from 35  members with a capitalization of a few thousand dollars in 2008 to its present standing of 207 members with a capitalization of a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The housing society draws its initial membership and Board of Directors from One FilCoop. Cognizant of the challenging housing situation in BC, One Housing Society envisions itself as a pioneering Filipino housing management organization and an effective and efficient owner-operator of affordable housing units in BC.

The Spirit of Bayanihan:
One Housing Society's Approach

One Housing Society’s approach to housing management and core competencies are inspired by the Filipino spirit of bayanihan (cooperative endeavor). The society’s approach to housing management seeks to encourage the spirit of self-help in building and maintaining safe, affordable, inclusive and inspiring housing for its eligible members.

     PRESIDENT                    VICE PRESIDENT

Antonino Calderon                   Edgardo Sabile

SECRETARY                   TREASURER

Rona Bunda                  Marichu Celi


Cedric Paule      Dominador Masakayan

       Marilyn Paulin Nimfa Joy Sapiera  Wilma Toca

One Housing Society  Officers 

Want to join

One Housing Society?


Rona Bunda @778-636-0925

FilCo-op @604-780-2061


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