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Co-operatives and Credit Unions recognize the importance of people and communities, defining their own needs and working together to meet those needs. They are a powerful and democratic way to put decision-making into the hands of those who need and use the services. Co-operatives and credit unions are directed locally and invested in locally. Surplus profits are returned to the members and, therefore, remain within the community. (source:

Fil-Coop BC is Controlled and Managed by its Members

By being part of a cooperative like Fil-Coop, a democratic organization which is owned, controlled and managed by its members, everyone in the organization can use and benefit from its services. With the active cooperation of all its members, an organization can successfully compete in the marketplace without abandoning the values and principles that set it apart from other businesses, returning its profits to the member and community. Each individual in an organization, strengthened and empowered by other individuals, share many of the same values, principles and priorities of the millions of people around the world who are already members of co-operatives and credit unions.

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